about us

We believe Jesus is our Lord, Scripture is our authority, and ministry is the mission of every member.  Since Jesus is our Lord, (encouraging a life of worship is central to our teaching.)  We seek to honor God by yielding ourselves (to God in order) for Christ to accomplish His purposes in and through us.  We seek to accomplish God's mission through a process that holds us accountable to God and to each other.   We expect church members to grow spiritually and to be actively engaged in the ministry and mission of the church and we seek to respond to the needs of others with the love of Jesus Christ.               

As a church, we seek to call people to faith, to equip people for ministry and to send people into mission and we believe God wants us to reach more people for Christ, and to provide Christian training for our members and for our church leaders.

For more information about the Evangelical Free Church of America, see www.efca.org.